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Senior Class


Quartetto Ducati
Senior Class
Guitar Soloist
Pot O' Gold
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Senior Class Partial Repertoire
Johnny B. Goode
Louie Louie
Wooly Bully
Hang On Sloopy
Peppermint Twist
How Sweet It Is
Route 66
So Fine/Chains
Stop! In The Name
Of Love
That's Life
A Thousand Stars
Love Me Do
Why Do Fools
Fall In Love?
The Wanderer
Da Doo Ron Ron
Will You Love
Me Tomorrow
Old Time Rock
and Roll
Surfer Girl

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3 Minute Promo



Featuring Dave and Paula-Senior Class!


Remember when pop music was more than just rhythm? When music had melody and harmony? So do we!! Come listen to the sweet harmony of some of the most popular melodies of early rock and roll. This is no ordinary “doo-wop” show. Hear music of The Beatles, Del Shannon, The Ventures, The Everly Brothers, and folk artists, like Peter, Paul, and Mary, and the Kingston Trio, all sung in fabulous harmony. And don’t forget the “girlie groups” like The Shirelles, The Crystals, and The Ronettes! Senior Class (consisting of Dave and Paula Setteducati), will cover many of your favorites, including Chuck Berry and Louis Prima, with positive energy and joy, and a good sense of humor!!

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